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Amber Gimbel

If I could give Amber 10 stars, I would do it in a heartbeat. Amber has been cutting my hair for over 10 years, and I am being honest when I say that it is always the best cut over anywhere else I’ve ever gone. She is so creative and knows what will look best on you. A few years ago she also gave my dad a haircut and he always said it was the best he’s ever looked after a haircut. Not only is she great at cut and style but does magic with color. I would recommend her to anyone!!

Alex C
Amber Gimbel is a great hairstylist, very professional, very versatile and knows her stuff. She is easy to work with, always greets you smile, her talent is unmeasurable and eloquent. I always go to her because she meets my hair needs. My hair is not easy to tame! It’s thick, naturally curly and if not maintained, gets a bit coarse. I always leave with a big smile on my face and looking like a million bucks. I recommended her to my lady friends and they absolutely love her! I am a proud client of VANITY HAIR SALON for almost 2 years. Go see Amber for your next hair appointment. I already booked my next visit! Cheers (;

Beth A.
My hair always look amazing after my appointments with Amber! I have super fine hair so it is great that she is able to keep my natural brown hair blond without damaging my hair!

Kate M.
I’ve been going to see Amber for my hair needs for 5 years. I’ve tried other stylists in other places, cities, and such, but Amber is truly great. She is so creative and has an eye for that perfect look. The dimensions in her hand crafted hair colors are on point. She’s a go getter and by far, the best stylist of my life. No one else touches my hair!!!

Stephanie M.
Meeting and getting my hair done by Amber has been a wonderful experience! From her fun personality and to her unique sense of style she is great! 5 stars all around!

I would recommend Amber if you are looking for a classic hairstyle or blowout, a men’s haircut using the techniques of a barber, or desire to have gorgeous blonde highlights. She uses Jennifer Aniston’s hair care line Living Proof which is awesome for the health of your hair, especially if you have highlights and or lightening the roots of your hair from a previous ombré hair color experience. One thing to note, Amber is a client focused busy hairstylist & prefers text messages for the fastest response or email pictures of your hair so she can marinate on a suitable hairstyle for you!

Boutique Hair Salon in Downtown San Diego.
Ask for Amber Gimbel. My husband and I have both been going to her for years, and I trust her completely to always make my hair look great!

Ashley L.
San Diego, CA posted 5/12/2011

This review is for Amber Gimbel

I went to see Amber last weekend for a color hair appointment. I went in without a picture in hand of what I wanted and without a clear idea of what exactly I wanted. I knew I wanted low lights and some extra color in there to change my base color somewhat and explained that to Amber. She talked through a few ideas with me and tried to figure out exactly what I wanted. She ended up putting the low lights in that I really wanted and warmed up the rest of my hair with a toner. I knew I would love the low lights in the end result, and I did… but she beyond exceeded my expectations and hopes for the rest of my hair that was ‘toned’. She said toning it would make it warmer and my hair turned out a rich warm color that looked good in the salon and even better out in the sun. Amber made my hair is so, so gorgeous!!! I am so pleased with her and her service. She is such a sweetheart and she did such an above and beyond amazing job at making my hair gorgeous and just the way I wanted it!

Dori D.
San Diego, CA posted 5/17/2011

Amber is THE BOMB!!!!!

I have looked for a TRUE ‘COLORIST” in San Diego for four years and have finally found one. Will never go to another stylist. Heart, Kate

kate m.
San Diego, CA posted 6/25/2010

I am in “Hair Love”

This review is for Amber Gimbel.

I am in “hair love” – she is amazing and a true miracle worker!!

I needed to find someone in San Diego and I am so happy with Amber!  Being a blonde and going to a new stylist can be very nerve-wracking.  But all of my fears went out the window during our consultation.  We went over a game plan for getting my hair back in healthy blonde shape – and I literally left the salon feeling like a new person.  She was not only a great stylist but so fun to chat with!
Amber is literally the BEST – I have never been happier with my highlights and can’t wait for my next appointment.  You can tell she genuinely cares about her clients!!
As for Moda Salon – it was very cute and the receptionist was friendly.

Natalie O.
San Diego, CA posted 10/15/2010

On Amber Gimbel

I’m a musician and entrepreneur.  Amber finds the sweet spot between edgy and professional.  I walk out looking sharp, regardless of the style I’m going for.  Amber has a warm, spicy personality, and I’m usually laughing throughout the visit.  Men, you’re in for a treat.
Plus, the salon offers ‘guy’ products that work and don’t smell like a girl.

James K.
Los Angeles, CA posted 6/8/2011

My fabulous blond hair

I go to Amber Gimble for my fabulous blond hair. I have dark asian hair and she turns it a great blond shade for me. Its a simple layout salon, but they use Kerastase which is also my favorite hair care products.
Amber is a color specialist and her specialty is blonds. Go to her, she is awesome. Plus her pricing is very reasonable.

Jen T.
San Diego, CA posted 7/27/2011

Amber is an amazing stylist.

Don’t hesitate, just book an appointment with her. I am super picky about my hair and have been known to drive an hour and a half to get a haircut because I don’t trust just anyone with my hair. She gives great cuts and does fabulous color as well. My hair is long and super thin and she does a great job at giving it volume and movement and style while keeping the length. She also gave me some great natural looking highlights last time I was in. As an added bonus she has a fantastic personality 🙂

Michelle P.
San Diego, CA posted 5/28/2012

Best Men’s Haircuts

So Im a guy, I do not normally spend more than 20 dollars on a men’s haircut. After having so many jacked up, uneven haircuts I finally decided I should try going to someone that might be a little bit more experienced and trained. Amber did a awesome job on my haircut and she was fun to chat with at the same time! Hey, and you can also enjoy a beer while getting it cut, whats better then that?!

Jbuck Posted on 11/30/2009

Perfect Wedding Hair

I hired Amber to do hair for my wedding, bridesmaids and all. We all had classic vintage hairstyles that were all unique and elegant…Not only did she do an extraordinary job she was funny, charming and calmed me down on one of the most important events of my life. She truly made my “getting ready” time great!
jmama Posted on 11/30/2009

Platinum Blonde

If you like WHITE Platinum Blonde, my friend Amber will make it happen for you! I have NEVER found anyone that will listen to me and what I want and Amber definitely did! I HIGHLY recommend visiting her if you need a new hairstylist in San Diego who can make turn you into a blonde bombshell!

msnikkimn Posted on 11/27/2009

Vanity Fair Hair

I am a photographer who works in LA and San Diego. I enjoy working with Amber because she is a creative and innovative Hairstylist and have always been impressed with her work. I organized a photo shoot in LA where she gave the models beautiful old hollywood glamour styles. The models looked like they should have been on the cover of Vanity Fair Magazine. We’ve had so so many compliments on the images! I would recommend her to photographers that want a stylist who understands current trends, enjoys her work, and works professionally and efficiently.
a.bayard Posted on 9/15/2009

Blonde Bombshell

On my last visit, I asked Amber to take me as light as she could. She made me a bombshell blonde! I look classy and got exactly what I asked for–cute long layers and very light blonde highlights that are soft and very natural, similar to Jessica Simpson or Reese Witherspoon. A friend referred me so the total cost for my haircut and color was only $135, it was great value for a total hair makeover! I would highly recommend her for Blondes!

bombshell Posted on 10/27/2009

HGTV Hairstylist

The first time I visited Amber, I sat in the waiting room for almost 30 minutes. I was getting impatient and decided to leave–The receptionist stopped me and pointed out a camera crew from HGTV filming Amber styling the Host’s hair for a show called, “You Should Live Here.” That was pretty impressive! My haircut was definately worth the wait–and She is a friend of mine so I let her off the hook:)

k_Sims Posted on 5/25/2008

Men’s Haircuts

Amber does a great job with men’s hair. I usually get my haircut every month. My hair is wavy and grows fast so I like that she uses scissors instead of clippers. I’ve followed her to a couple different downtown Salons and they’ve all been really nice places and the beer and wine is always a plus.
bmike26 Posted on 5/25/2008

Great with Men’s Haircuts

Amber has been cutting my hair for a few years. I am getting a little older and my hair is thinning. I don’t know how I manage to leaving the salon looking like I have more hair. She definitely has talent if she can makes a head of thinning hair like mine look in a great Downtown San Diego location.

mk26 Posted on 5/25/2009

Loved my Hairstyle

I went to Amber Gimbel after finding her on a Downtown San Diego Salon website. She colored my hair 4 weeks ago and my hair once very damaged hair still looks amazing. She introduced me to a Kerastase shine treatment and styling products that I can not live without. I would recommend her to anyone in San Diego who is concerned about the health of their hair.

kfshr Posted on 5/24/2008

Thank you Amber!
Thank you for styling my hair for my brother’s wedding! Everyone loved it..and my make up too! You were a life saver. My hair looked very elegant in the Wedding Photos. Thanks again, you did a wonderful job–I know my hair is a lot to manage!

Posted on 5/24/2008

Life Changing Haircuts

I’ve been a long-time client of Amber, and consistently get haircuts that redefine my attitude. Time spent in Amber’s chair is always fantastic~
n_j_moreno Posted on 3/26/2008

Best Hair color and Haircut Consultations

I am a natural blonde and have had a hard time finding a hairstylist in San Diego who can color my hair naturally. I always end up with warm tones that clash with my skin tone. I recommend Amber Gimbel to my friends because she listens to me and gives the best hair style consultations, highlights, and haircuts! I’ve never been stuck with hair that I haven’t loved since I started seeing her. She takes her time with my hair and the color always comes out beautifully.
Molly Posted on 5/24/2010

Great Highlights in San Diego

I saw Amber with Moda Hair Designs to get highlights for the first time. She listened to exactly what I wanted, and my hair turned out great in a great space in San Diego When I walked in the door they offered me coffee, hot tea, or a glass of wine..two Thumbs up!

amywnn332 Posted on 10/1/2008

I <3 My Hair

I found Amber here on Kudzu and have to say I was very impressed with her level of customer service and excellent skills in hairdressing. I loved my hair, it is so shiny, soft, and the color makes me look 10 years younger. Amber is the most easygoing yet professional hairstylist that I’ve ever been to in San Diego, she always works at the BEST salons and keeps me updated on the latest celebrity styles.
Sarah41 Posted on 9/9/2008

Best Hairstylist & San Diego Hair Salon

What do you want? Amber will give it to you…I had been going to a salon in La Jolla for about a year, I tried a few different stylist and they all gave me the same thing. I was recently recommended to see Amber. She is always fashionable herself, so I trusted her with my hair. I told her I do not want the same thing I have I needed a new look. She went it to great detail about what she was going to do before she proceeded. I LOVE my new hair and feel totally sassy and confident in my new look! I highly recommend her! She is the best hair stylist in San Diego!

ShopGalCA Posted on 7/9/2008

Gwen Stafani Blonde!

If you like WHITE blonde, she is gonna give it to you! I have NEVER found anyone that will listen to me and what I want and Amber definitely did! I HIGHLY recommend visiting her if you need a hairstylist that will make you a blonde bombshell like Gwen Stafani!
msnikkimn 5/28/2008

San Diego’s Top Hair colorist

I’d love to see Amber at Vanity Hair Salon in San Diego. I was a student of Amber’s when she was a hair color educator with Schwarzkopf Professional. She is exceptional with highlights. I give her credit for teaching me what it takes to be an amazing colorist!
ficoATC 5/25/2008

Careful Consultations

I am a natural blonde and have had a hard time finding a hairstylist who colors my hair naturally. I recommend Amber to people because she listens to me. I fortunately haven’t been stuck with anything that I didn’t absolutely love since I started seeing her. She takes her time coloring my hair to make sure she does a fantastic job!
Molly posted 5/24/2008

A Good San Diego Hairstylist is hard to find

I am extremely picky about my hair and get nervous going to a new stylist, especially in San Diego where there are thousands of Hair Salons, millions of stylists, and plenty of bad hair walking around town! From the start Amber did a wonderful job letting me know what look suit me best and she was right! She gave me a simple long bob with a sophisticated and sexy edge to it. I loved it and every cut since! I am confident with the services Amber provides. I will be sticking with her for a long time!

Posted on 6/23/2009

Missing my FAVORITE Hairstylist

Hello San Diego! You are all lucky to have such a great hair stylist in your city! Amber did my hair for 3 years here in Minneapolis, Haircut and the best hair color! I have very long fine hair and she always gives me a cut that makes it look thicker, thanks lady!
EP posted 5/28/2008

All Shades of Hair color and ALWAYS Hot

All shades of hair color and always hot! I love to switch up my shades of color from brown to blonde every season and Amber always does me right! I always get such great compliments on my hair. She is fast and efficient.  I definitely recommend her if you like to keep your hair light, yet would like to change your hair color tones from time to time!
beachbabe 5/28/2008

Great online deal-Sign up for Exclusive Offers

You have to take advantage of Amber’s great deals! It was totally worth it! I signed up for one of her exclusive offers and saved money with my haircut and color! Amber gives excellent customer service, haircuts and color…I absolutely wouldn’t go to anyone else.

Posted on 3/2/2009
Talented Stylist, Chic Salon, Beautiful Hair

I am super picky when it comes to my hair color not to mention haircuts! Too many hairstylists in San Diego do not listen or know when to stop cutting!!
I have been seeing Amber at Stile Salon and Boutique, Downtown San Diego, for almost a year. I have to say that my haircuts and color grow out beautifully. She has a great attitude and is definately a good listener. Stile Salon is the most chic hair salon in San Diego. They carry cute clothes, Kerastase Products and offer beer and wine which adds a nice touch to your overall experience. I feel absolutely fabulous every time I leave the salon!

Posted on 3/11/2009

My fabulous day with my fabulous stylist!

First off not only is this girl amazing at what she does she has such a great personality she feels just like a friend! Amber did my hair and make up for my wedding, in Rancho Santa Fe, and did a fabulous job! I highly reccommend her if you are getting married she will make you look your absolute best! Thanks girl!

Posted on 12/14/2009

A guy’s haircut the way you want it

I used to get my hair cut at uberto’s in beverly hills. moved to san diego two years ago and amber is the only person who’s cut my hair since.

Posted on 7/7/2008

No Brass!

I have been a client of Amber’s for a long time and have followed her to a few San Diego hair salons. My hair always takes a long time to process. Hairstylists’ have underdeveloped my hair in the past and it turned out brassy every time. Amber is patient and she allows my hair develop for a full 40 minutes and still uses toner. My hair always looks like a soft light beige brown. It looks soo good. Needless to say, No more Brass!

Posted on 6/18/2009

Pretty Bridal Hair and Make up

Amber just did my hair and make up for my best friend’s wedding in La Jolla. It looked beautiful and held up the whole day and night. She chose really great wearable colors for my make up that I have been using everyday! Her hair and make up services were top notch–I would highly recommend her for your big day.

Posted on 9/22/2009

I moved to the US from Russia and had…..

I moved to the US from Russia and had bad experiences with my haircuts in San Diego. Amber fixed my hair. Her work overcame my expectations. She was fun to talk to and understood what I wanted. I’ll never go to any other place. Thank you.

Posted on 12/7/2009

This Chick ROCKS!!!

This chick ROCKS like 5 star ROCKS at blonde highlights! She gave me the BEST beach blonde hair I have ever had! Not only did my highlights look fabulous but she has such a great deal going on right now! If you haven’t seen Amber, then you haven’t been to a great hairdresser in SD yet! This diva ROCKS! Ciao!

aspen.woods Posted on 2/26/2008